Wood Framing / Drywall

Texas Roadhouse - Taylorsville, UT

Lively chain steakhouse serving American fare with a Southwestern spin amid Texas-themed decor. check out the Bird’s eye view of our new place

Drywall Repair

Armstrong Mansion - Salt Lake City

"Because we are a non profit organization, we rely on the goodwill of our community to help us with when it comes to certain house repairs and projects. We made a few calls to drywall contractors the following day to see if any could help us out and lend us their services to make what was to be a relatively complicated repair. Enter Diego! He was not only willing to help us and donate his time and services, but was here completing the repair within an hour of calling him. He also allowed some of our students to participate in the repair and took the time to teach them the basics of dry walling. We are so grateful to Diego and truly appreciate his kind and generous contribution. The repair was completed with outstanding workmanship."